MW Bests of Month: 15 + 5 April 2013

Info  It's time for the month's summary - it's April, the 30th. This month some things changed... The most important thing is Robin Skouteris' visit in Poznan (it's my city, coz i'm study here)   Anyway, i'm proud to announce once again that we started co-working with MashTo Radio Show from Radio. I remind about it every week on Facebook. This week, i'm

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Chart Mashup – Magic Sign

InfoFinally, today's last song - 24th! This is last today's song, cos it's awarded by "It's especially good, because it's made in Poland" EnjoY!Mash-up contains ofLil' Kim ft. 50 Cent - Magic Stick (Street) DMX - Lord Give Me A Sign (Acappella) (more…)