Swing mixes are gaining popularity, and it’s good for them, because they’re perfect for dancing!
oTschEn, you’ve made something awesome!


01.Keep That Coffee Hot – Scatman Crothers (Defunk RMX)
02.Gonna Get High – Sammy Senior
03.Sneakin About – C@ in the H@
04.The Rhythm & The Beat – Sine Sickness Ft. Dubba Beatz
05.Bucovina – Kotch RMX
06.The Rover – S Strong
07.Bag It Up – Dephicit & Kotch
08.Jelly Belly – Bobby C Sound
09.Swing Da Club – Jimi Needles
10.Bang Bang Boogie – Lebrosk
11.Happy – C2C (J-Sound RMX)
12.Tennis Swing – Kiwistar & Josh et le Chat (C@ in the H@ RMX)
13.Swing It brother – Dirty Dubsters
14.The Boy In The Boat – C.J.& His Paradise Band (MINIMATIC RMX)
15.Indian Chief – Incontrol
16.Johnny?s Back – Jamie Berry
17.M.A.B. – Jamie Berry
18.Wochenend & Sonnenschein – Wolfgang Lohr RMX
19.Fort Worth Stomp – T.C.S.R.(The Swing Bot RMX)
20.Party On – Sine Sickness Ft. Lil Hardin Armstrong
21.Puttin on the Ritz – ShoeSwingStringers (Dj Tomahawk ReEdit)
22.OldJoe – Panhandle Recordings ??
23.Jericho – Rough Draft ??
24.Spin – Francis Red
25.Weil Ich So Schüchtern Bin – MaxRaabe (Dj Tomahawk RMX)
26.Clown Got Your Tongue – Dott & Slim (LordJustice RMX)
27.Rendezvous – Tits & Clits
28.Hooked On Swing – Glenn Miller (The Swing Bot RMX)
29.Le Swing Ist King – Incontrol & Wolfgang Lohr
30.My Ring – Francis Red
31.Takin? It Back – Dutty Moonshine
32.Ribbin Riddim – Francis Red
33.Tears No More – Nikola Vujicic & Baunzz!
34.Louis Armstrong – Go Down Moses (Dj Zed RMX)**Tony Maroni Edit**

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