Jazz MasHters is the first album featured and promoted by Mashup World. And this is BIG day and pleasure to us and DJ Rudec.

  I hope, that you’d like it! It’s not an ordinary album – it’s awesome jazz mashups album!



1. Alternative Dubstep Orchestra vs. Gotye – Power To Know (Rudec Mashup)
2. St. Germain presents Soel vs. She’s Excited – Amazed Vicomte
3. Jimi Needles vs. Aretha Franklin – Monsters Swing A Lot (DJ Rudec Mashup)
4. Dave Weckl Band vs. Depeche Mode – Personal Shuffle (Rudec M
5. FosterThePeople vs. EricPrydz vs. IconaPop vs. DadaLife – PjanooKicksLoveViolence (DjRudec Bootleg)
6. Gabriel O Pensador vs. Leona Lewis – Patria Do Love (Rudec Mashup)
7. Dizzy Gillespie vs. Justin Timberlake – Manteca & Tie (Rudec Mashup)
8. Radiohead vs. Ike White – Creep Antoinette (Rudec Mashup)
9. Dave Weckl Band vs. The Beatles – Inspiration Together (Rude
10. John Coltrane & Ivan Renta vs. Marvin Gaye – Grapevine Equinox (Rudec Mashup)
11. Roy Hargrove vs. RHCP – I’m Not Under (Rudec Mashup)
12. Ramsey Lewis vs. Tangerine Kitty – 1-2-3 Dumb Ways To Die (Rudec Mashup)

NOTE! We are first blog, which published this album! (Aug 25th, 0:00AM)

Alternative download:Download <?php the_title(); ?> fast and in high quality!

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