01. “Wetter”
(Twista vs Hall & Oates) DOSVEC Mashup
02. “I Like Girls
(Gorilla Zoe vs Stevie Nicks) A Capella Mix Out Britney Spears DOSVEC Mashup
03. “Set It Groove”
(Adele vs Madonna) DOSVEC Mashup
04. “Cry Just A Hott Mess”
(Chromeo vs Bingo Players) DOSVEC Mashup
05. “Alejandro”
(Lady Gaga vs David Guetta) DOSVEC Mashup
06. “Every Tear Drop is a Chic & Lovefool”
(Rihanna & Cardigans vs Coldplay (eSQUIRE vs OFFBeat Mix)
07. “Kids Earthquake”
(Littleboots vs MGMT (George Monev Mix)
08. “That’s My Spock”
(Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs Justin Martin & Ardalan)
09. “Stay Bitter”
(Alan, Three 6 Mafia & Kid Cudi vs The Verve (DJ Slink Mix)
10. “All I Need is the DJ”
(Sanford & Son vs V/A Booty Bass Songs) DOSVEC Mashup
11. “Might Feel Better”
(Amanda Blank vs Aniki) DOSVEC Mashup
12. “High For This”
(Ellie Goulding vs Afrojack & Justice (A-Trak Mix) Mashup
13. “Please Don’t Go”
(Mike Posner vs Deadmau5 & Kaskade) DOSVEC Mashup

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