It’s November 30th, and this is time for new Bests. This month, it was hard to choose only 15 mashups, because at least 30 is the best and should be in Top 15.

  I think this is Top 15 with the biggest count of polish mashups so far, and this is reason, that we should be proud. Polish mashup scene is expanding this year dynamically. There was many mashup parties and polish mashups.

  Also, TheWaldas has came back to staff! I am still a person who adds most music, but sometimes he helps me!

  Anyway, i would ask you about help (donate). If you have any little amount of money (even less than 5 Euro), please help us. I’ve heard many nice opinions about MW and by donating, you could say: Thank You! All info about donating you can find HERE


    1. Cut And Paste – Candy Roar
    2. DJ Topsider – Submerged
    3. DOSVEC – We Are One

    4. Demaker – Jet Blue Baby GoPOLISH MASHUP
    5. Dan Mei & Marc Johnce – Crazy Rock N Roll Sugar Night Gambler
    6. The Early Mourning – Fate
    7. MixmstrStel – Infinite Daps On The Block
    8. Kawuer – Nie Lubimy Your ShoulderPOLISH MASHUP
    9. DJ 2najz – Boyz To BoyzPOLISH MASHUP
    10. EnigmaticDJ – Born To BlueprintPOLISH MASHUP
    11. JCUP – So Get Up WizardPOLISH MASHUP
    12. Freejak – One More Reload
    13. Doug Bogan – Theater Kids
    14. Rino Santaniello – Blurred Ladies
    15. Rosario Marafini – Daylight Applause

Bonus Tracks (Non-Mashup Songs)

    1. Luca Rubino – Sound Of Hero Vol. 1
    2. Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up (Lindborg Bootleg)
    3. Ke$ha ft. Pitbull – Timber (Codeman Quick Hitter Bootleg)
    4. Blink 182 – Adam’s Song (PRFFTT & Svylable Remix)
    5. Axii & Phil Finlay – Dance The Night Away (Saltare Remix)DISCOVERY OF THE MONTH!



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